Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Part 9: On the Verge Season 1, episode 1-2-3: Watch Online Release Date

On the Verge Season 1, episode 1-2-3: Watch Online Release Date

Four woman - a chef, a single mother, an heiress, and a job seeker - dig into love, work and midlife crises in pre-pandemic Los Angeles.

On the Verge Season 1 Episode 1 "Almost Two Months Earlier" It's another birthday, another panic attack for Yasmin. Justine faces the void of a blank screen as Ell's impulsive encounter ends with a blank check.

On the Verge Season 1 Episode 2 "Viva Italia!" Justine's recipe for a dining disaster: Mix one improvised "Corsican" feast with two sensitive spouses. Add a pinch of intoxicating, sexy secrets.

On the Verge Season 1 Episode 3 "The Big Sneeze" The sniffles send a panicked Justine into a trashy tailspin. Yasmin turns in the neighbor's dog, and Ell finds a job. Elsewhere, Anne gets a surprise.

Genre: Comedy, Drama
Stars: Julie Delpy (Justine), Sarah Jones (Yasmin), Elisabeth Shue (Anne), Alexia Landeau (Ella).

The four leading ladies of Julie Deply’s On The Verge, are all ironically on the verge of losing it in their own ways â€" French chef Justine (Julie Delpy) struggles with a pedantic husband, the group’s hot mess Ell (Alexia Landeau) comes to terms with unemployment, stay-at-home feminist mom Yasmin (Sarah Jones) battles anxiety while the marijuana-loving Ann (Elisabeth Shue) navigates unhappiness.

And these forty somethings unravel in a dramatic fashion, even as the world is just on the verge of collapsing thanks to the coronavirus.

Created by Julie, the 12-episode series sets up a superb premise for a comedy. Backed by a brilliant ensemble cast, On The Verge explores the lives of four female friends, as their lives are tossed upside down even before the world goes into a lockdown.

Set in modern-day America, the show explores hope and tragedy in the most unforeseen circumstancesâ€"whether it is the hope for a better future and big bucks, or for a breath-taking romance in your 40s.

Julie navigates the matters of the heart excellently in the show vis-'-vis her dual worlds of America and France.

And thrown into this mix of self-discovery are the perils of parenthood. One of the major connecting themes between these four ladiesâ€"apart from their sharp witâ€"is that they are proud parents before anything else.

On The Verge interestingly dissects the dilemma of curious Gen Z kids and their equally woke parents, who are struggling to keep it together.

The series also has all the ingredients of a perfect black comedyâ€"a classic dinner party episode that is nothing but a comedy of errors, boomers struggling with internet culture and most of all the ominous pandemic that is set to pull the rugs underneath their feet.

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