Friday, September 25, 2020

Synopsis: Light as a Feather Season 3 Episode 1 Plot, Release date Full

Light as a Feather Season 3 Episode 1 Plot, Release date Full

McKenna Brady has long acquired close friends with whom she studied all her life in the same school. One of them, Olivia, was famous for her love of luxurious life and a terrible sense of humor, which drove others to frenzy. Her jokes on her own young man once turned badly for a new schoolgirl named Violet Simmons. At school, Violet was accidentally sprayed with red slurry, which Olivia had prepared in order to congratulate her lover on Halloween. Remembering the terrible events that had happened to her in the past, Violet screamed heart-rendingly, than seriously scared everyone around her. McKenna was unable to get past such flagrant injustice and decided to help Violet wash in the ladies’ closet. Violet expressed her gratitude to McKenna as best she could. She bought her an expensive dress, which she once saw from McKenna on social networks. She, in turn, invited Violet to participate in a bachelorette party, which McKenna and her friends decided to arrange in the cemetery. Looking for something to their liking, the girls decided to play the game “Light as a feather”. The first victim of the game was Olivia, who agreed to learn the events of her own death. For a moment, the girls even thought that Olivia seemed to soar above the ground, but no one attached much importance to this. Only after some time they realized that they had done something out of the ordinary. What will happen to the girls? Who can survive?.. Light as a Feather Season 3: Release date Number Series title Release date 3x01 Series 1 spring 2021 3x02 Series 2 spring 2021 3x03 Series 3 spring 2021 3x04 Series 4 spring 2021 3x05 Series 5 spring 2021 3x06 Series 6 spring 2021 3x07 Series 7 spring 2021 3x08 Series 8 spring 2021 3x09 Series 9 spring 2021 3x10 Series 10 spring 2021 Source:

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